Write LSI Keyword Optimized Articles

Demitris Maddox

Many seo seo softwares like Frase, Page Optimizer Pro, On-Page Ai etc… will tell you what keywords you need to add to your content to make it rank better.

For example let me use plumbers for example, the software might say you need to use the word ‘drain’ 7 times the word ‘clog removal’ 3 times the word ‘bucket’ 4 times etc…

Many times these softwares will give you a list of around 20-50 keywords that you need to place into your content.

I would LOVE to see Page Rewriter have the ability to do two different things,

1) Be able to to take already existing content and write the keywords and how many times we need to have that keywords show up written into our already existing content. I understand that it might not be able to get 100% of the keywords in but 95%+ would be amazing.

2) Tell Page Rewrite all the keywords and how many times we want these keywords to show up in the article and have Page Rewriter write new content with as the keywords that we listed as well as how many times we need to keyword to appear in the article.

This would be an amazing feature and on that no one else has yet.

The problem is all these seo softwares tell you they keywords you need to put into your article. There is no software that can do it for you. Your software can fill a big gap in the market.


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Sara Chatalbash

THIS! I NEED this more than anything!


Yvette Kostas

I think this would be amazing!