Simplified Content

Mark Clayton

I would like the product to write my content for me.

I would like to tell it how many headings I want, how many paragraphs for each heading, and how many words I want total and have it put my content together for me that I read over, edit, and customize from the vast amount of content it now provides.

I am a slow reader and the way it is now, ReWriter returns so much content to me in my searches, it takes a very long time for me to read and sort through everything and write my content with it. I want it to write my suggested finished content for me and have all the stuff it now has so if I want to change anything it writes for me then all that extra content is there for me to pick from.

I do not use ReWriter like I thought I would because it takes me so long to use it when I have to read through everything, sort it all out myself, pick what I want to use, and write my content using what I pick.

I feel like the product was poorly demonstrated when I paid $500 to use it for a year.